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Frontansicht: Crystal blue Acetat
Brillenbügel: Crystal blue Acetat

Indulge in the avant-garde magnificence of Laibach - an East German eyewear style that defies conformity. Drawing inspiration from the 1950s, this piece features small, circular lenses and a non-conformist front design that exudes unparalleled elegance. Laibach is a true hallmark of sophistication and stands as a testament to the pinnacle of avant-garde eyewear design.

  • Brillen nach Maß
  • Blaulichtschützende & entspiegelte Brillengläser.
  • Ethisch und nachhaltig hergestellt.
  • Handgefertigtes Lederetui.
  • Gefertigt, um ein Leben lang zu halten.
Laibach Our Packaging

Dicker Nasensteg

Dicker Nasensteg

Wenn Ihre Nase an der Basis breit ist.

Niedriger Bügel

Niedriger Bügel

Lässt das Gesicht kürzer erscheinen.

Schmaler Rahmen

Schmaler Rahmen

A narrow frame lends itself more easily to a wide face.


In order to provide you with a custom fit for your eyewear, we will request for a clear, well-lit photo of your face with a reference card.

This will allow us to calibrate and measure your unique facial features, and create frames that are tailored specifically to you.

This information will be used exclusively for the purpose of creating your custom eyewear, and will be kept strictly confidential.

Please make sure that the photo is taken from the front, with your eyes looking directly at the camera.

Standard proportions of Laibach:

Our master artisans meticulously craft each pair to flawlessly fit your unique features and express your unparalleled sense of style.

31 mm


42 mm


145 mm


31 mm


140 mm